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Saïs Report, 2007

Saïs Report, 2007

During 2007 two final periods of works for the AHRC Project ‘Sais and Its Hinterland’ were carried out at Sa el-Hagar. The first took place during the spring from 18th March-20th April and the second in the summer from 15th August-27th September.
During the seasons a number of specialist studies took places as well as final projects aimed at completing the recording of all of the excavated material from the seasons from 2002-2006. In addition, thanks to a dissemination project grant from the AHRC, a magazine store-room and displays were also built at Sa el-Hagar for the display of the work and the storage of study collections from the Sais project. In order to build the magazine, the construction area was first excavated (Excavation 10) and then the building completed.

I am grateful to Said Mutawally and Emad Shoeib, Chief Inspectors of the SCA for Gharbiyah in Tanta, Naama Ibrahim Selim Chief Inspector in Damanhur, Beheira and Ashraf Abdel Rahman in Damanhur and to Said el-Assal, Emad el-Shenawy, Mohammed Abdel Aziz (SCA Inspectors), as well as Faten Saleh the EES Secretary in Cairo, Amira Khattab, Secretary of ARCE in Cairo and of course to Zahi Hawass and Magdy Ghandour of the SCA in Cairo. Most of all thanks are due to Fatma Rageb and Senne el-Bishe as always, who worked hard and with good humour on behalf of the expedition.

Field Director (turquoise cushion) supervising soup production, checking drawings and discussing a stone hand-axe with Tass.
Illustrators at work, left to right: Marina Escolano, Mohammed Abdel Aziz, Katy Swainston, Said el Assal, Liam Cooney, Karen Exell.
Team members boating, left to right: Klaus Jurman, Tonny de Wit, Paola Pugsley, Maria Centrone.

The Team members and their work
Penelope Wilson (Durham University, Field Director)

Prehistoric Material
Gregory Gilbert (Lithics, Durham University)
Tonny de Wit (Lithics, Leiden University)
Geoffrey Tassie (UCL, Worked stones)

Greek Pottery
Sabine Weber

Maria Centrone (University of Kent), Claus Jurman (Austrian Institute), Paola Pugsley, Lauren Woodard (Leicester University), Liam Cooney, Kathryn Swainston, Danika Parikh (all Durham University), Marina Escolano (Madrid University), Karen Exell (EES)

Technical Support
Scott Harder (Durham University),

Archaeological Survey and Drill Auger work
Joshua Trampier (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

Archaeo-botanical analysis
Claire Malleson (Liverpool University)

Keith Dobney and Louise Bertini (Durham University)

Ceramic Reconstruction
Reis Ali, Abdel Gabaa and Alaa Ali

SCA Representatives, Survey and Illustration
Abd el-Mounsef Khalil
Mimi Ibrahim Samiya

Projects carried out in 2007

Prehistoric studies
Saite and Third Intermediate Period pottery : Reconstruction, study and recording

Archaeobotanical analysis and the Mud Seals

Excavation 10

Survey work

Future work at Sais