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Acknowledgements and Credits

Acknowledgements and Credits

Funding for this project from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy is gratefully acknowledged.

Firstly, thanks are due to the Supreme Council of Antiquities for their encouragement of the work at Sais and their support of it. Of the Permanent Committee we wish to thank especially Dr. Zahi Hawass, his predecessor, Professor Gaballa A. Gaballa; Mr Magdi Ala and Dr. Magdi Ghandour in the Expeditions Office; and also, in the security office, Mr Ahmed Fouad. Since January 2011, the Ministry of State for Antiquities has provided continued support for and collaboation on the project under Dr. Moustapha Amin and Dr. Mohamed Ismail, with the able help of Mr. Hani Abu Alazam.

For help in Tanta, thanks are due to Dr Sabri Hasnein, Mr Said Hegazy, Mr. Abd el Ghainy Zaki, Mr Abdu el Fattah, Mr Said Abdul Mutalib Kalifa and Emad Shoeib.

Our inspectors at Sais itself have helped our work enormously and would not have been possible without their good will and encouragement: Mr Ahmed Rashwan, Mr Abdullah Mohammed Abou el-Hassan, Dr Magdy Ismail, Ms Fatmah Ragab Kamel, Mohammed el Sawaf, Mohammed Rashad, Tariq Said Abdulleh, Mahmoud Ali Abdel Rahman, Gamal Salim Ahmed Ali, Abd el-Mounsef Khalil and Mimi Ibrahim Samiya .

The team would like to thank the Committee and members of the Egypt Exploration Society for their support and for making funding available: Professor Alan Lloyd and Dr Tony Leahy. In particular help with the administration of the project is always greatly appreciated and vital: Dr Patricia Spencer, Dott. Carla Galliorini and Mr David Butcher.

For great efforts as liaison and a friendly face in Cairo: Dr. Rawya Ismail and Mrs. Faten Saleh.

To those who have lent us equipment (knowing or unknowing) or personnel without which the work could not have happened: Dr Willeke Wendrich; Jimmy Wright; Dr Mark Noel; Phil Howard and the Durham University, Department of Archaeology; Mr Jerry Tucker (GPS); Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge; David Jeffreys (drill gear); Survey Supplies (especially Carol Smith, Martin Smith); Peter Carne (ASUD); Dr. Nicolas Grimal and Bernard Mathieu of the Insitut Français d’Archéologie Orientale; and Hassan Barbarey and Ahmed Azzet. For advice (sometimes taken): Robin Taylor-Wilson, Ian Casey, Trimbles, Roger Dickinson, Alan Clapham, Jeffrey Spencer, Peter French, Ulrich Hartung, Dina Faltings, François Leclère.

Thanks are due to the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society and Philip Wickens for a contrbution towards the digital still camera used on the project. Other contributions are gratefully acknowledged from Birkbeck College, University of London, through Lorna Oates, and the Friends of the Petrie Museum, University College, London, through Lucia Gahlin and Jan Picton. The Hieroglyphs Class of the North East Ancient Egypt Society currently supports the work and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

For inspiration: Profesor Mahmoud el Gamili and his enthusisatic colleagues at the University of Mansoura, especially Dr. Hosni Ghazala and Prof. Adam el Shahat.

The actual fieldwork was undertaken by volunteer workers who gave freely of their time (and even missed out on the Olympics). I am grateful to:

Alaa Ali
Reis Ali
Dr. Sally-Ann Ashton
Louise Bertini
Ahmed Bilal (SCA Representative)
Maria Costanze Centrone
Shakira Christodoulou
Dr Alan Clapham (Archaeobotanist)
Beth Cook
William Cooney
Edward Cork (GPS and Magnetometer Surveyor)
Dr. Rachael Dann
Dr. Catherine Defernez (IFAO)
Dr. Keith Dobney
Marina Escolano
Dr. Karen Exell (Illustrator)
Henry Fisher
Janine Fisher
Abdel Gabaa
Pawel Gajowiecki
Dr. Gregory Gilbert
Angus Graham (UCL, Drill Supervisor)
Dimitris Grigoropoulos (Roman Ceramicist)
Duncan Hale (ASUD)
Scott Harder
Nicola Harrington
Prof. Salima Ikram (Animal Bones)
Claus Jurman
Abdel Mounsef el Khalil
Eva Laurie
Dr François Leclère (IFAO)
Dan Lines
Claire Malleson
Dr. Sylvie Marchand (IFAO)
Richard Morley
Yasser Nada
Mr Yussef Younis Nofal (SCA Representative)
Dr Mark Noel (GeoQuest)
Mohammed Osman (Field Archaeologist)
Danika Parikh
Mikaël Pesenti
Chad Petrovay
Paola Pugsley
Amélie Roland-Gosselin
Dr Joanne Rowland (Illustrator)
Martin Russell
Aude Simony
Dr Neal Spencer
Kathryn Swainston
Geoffrey Tassie
Joshua Trampier
Sabine Weber
Sophie Whitaker (Arabist)
Tonny de Wit
Sam Wilford
Lauren Woodard
Jimmy Wright

Invaluable inspectors at Sa el Hagar: Said Ibrahim el-Assal, Emad Mohamed El Shenawy, Ibrahim el Desouki, Mohammed Abd el Aziz.

Fieldwork was undertaken by local men and women from Sa el Hagar led by Mohammed Bayoumi Selim and Reda el Bishe.

Finally, and not at all least, our grateful thanks are due to the people of Sa el Hagar. Without their care, hospitality and warmth, none of our work would be possible.