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The work of the Delta Survey and Sais Regional Survey has been funded by the British Academy through the Egypt Exploration Society and, since 2002, by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Both sources are gratefully acknowledged here.

I would also like to thank Jeffrey Spencer, Joanne Rowland and Roger Dickinson for their assistance and support throughout the various projects.

I would like to thank all of those who have made the Survey work successful, enjoyable and exciting. The teams who carried out the work are listed below. Further work on identifying the pottery from the sites has been carried out by Sally-Ann Ashton and Dimitrios Grigoropoulos.

10th to 15th April 2001
Tell Mutubis in Kafr esh-Sheikh.

Penny Wilson worked for 6 days at Tell Mutubis with the excellent help and cooperation of Ibrahim El-Sayed Mitwaly (SCA Inspector) and the Chief Inspector in Kafr esh-Sheikh, Ibrahim es-Saidi.

6th to 25th September 2002
Survey of Tells Qabrit, Amyat and Matiur.

Penny Wilson, Richard Morley (Surveyor and Magnetometer supervisor), Elizabeth Cook, Derek Pretious (Surveying Assistants), Mohammed Abdul Rahman Hamed (SCA Representative).

12th to 27th September 2003
The sites surveyed were: Kom el Arab, Kom Ezbet el Farr-Tell Aluwi, Tell Foqaa, Kom Dahab, Kom Abu Ismail, Tell Sheikh Ibrahim.

The team comprised Penny Wilson, Elizabeth Cook (Surveyor), Richard Morley (Surveyor and Magnetometer Supervisor) and Mohammed Rashad Abdel Hamid (SCA Representative).

10th August to 26th September 2004
In all 33 sites in Beheira Province were visited, notes made about the topography and surface pottery was collected for study.

The team consisted of Penny Wilson, Joanne Rowland, Mohammed Osman and Ahmed Bilal (SCA Representative), inspectors in Beheira Province were loaned by the Chief Inspector Fawzy Fawzy el Kholy and included Ashraf Abdel Rahman.

2nd to 28th February 2005
11 sites in Beheira Province were revisited and mapped or had drill auger transects made there, and 14 further sites were visited.

The team consisted of Penny Wilson, Fatma Rageb Kamal (SCA Inspector), inspectors in Beheira Province loaned by the Chief Inspector Fawzy Fawzy el Kholy including Nosra Abdullah Suleiman.

2006 Spring and Summer Seasons
Drill Transects in Beheira

Accommodation was provided in the Hotel Dahab in Damanhur and at the House of Esmaiein el Bishe in Sa el-Hagar, and thanks are due to Ashraf and Senne el-Bishe for their care. In addition, thanks are due to all the police, gafirs and local people throughout Kafr esh-Sheikh and Beheira who have patiently helped us throughout the project.